SECURE platform

SECURE – The supply chain operating system

Transform your supply chain with SECURE - The complete operating system for secure and efficient logistics

Unlock your full potential

Prevent product loss, optimize processes, and improve efficiency with our comprehensive solution.


To achieve our mission “No product loss in the Pharma supply chain” we provide the unique capability to simulate lanes and shipment solutions, all on one platform integrating multiple logging solutions. Stay on top of your supply chain with alerts and predictive simulation capabilities, ensuring your shipments stay safe and secure.
Join the future of logistics with our innovative supply chain system.

To enhance decision-making and optimize shipment routes, the platform provides access to real-life data.

To identify potential issues and test different solutions, the platform offers simulation capabilities.

To improve efficiency and reduce costs, the platform can identify and recommend alternative lanes.

To streamline operations and improve visibility, the platform integrates multiple logistics solutions in one place.

To proactively manage risks and prevent disruptions, the platform provides incident alerts and predictive simulations.

To quickly respond to issues and minimize impact, the platform offers intervention and mitigation abilities.

To improve transparency and enable better communication, there is only one centralized platform for shipment tracking and monitoring.

To ensure compliance and security, the platform provides a centralized location for shipment state and seal information to detect theft and counterfeit.

Combining hardware and software

What is the SECURE platform?

SECURE isn’t just another platform with a new feature set. It’s more than visibility. SECURE is your supply chain operating system for managing operational risk. It helps you make sense of your entire dataset, and proactively recommend the actions to take to optimize the safety, security and sustainability of your shipment lanes.

Your complete solution for a efficient supply chain management

SECURE is your supply chain operating system which enables you to reduce product loss and optimize processes by helping you:

  • Identify the most suitable lane for your product
  • Identify the best packaging solution for your product
  • Gain insights on problematic lanes
  • Assess carriers and handlers
  • Real-time track and trace that shows where shipments are and at what temperature
  • Receive predictive alerts before they happen
  • Prevent theft and counterfeit
Fully interoperable

Any transport. Any packaging. Any logger.

The SECURE platform is fully interoperable with different container and packaging solutions and can be used across different modes of transportation. 

All together in one platform

Product release acceleration that reduces workflow from days to minutes.​

Counterfeit and theft detection using image comparison tools end-to-end.​

Visibility and corrective actions ensure quicker investigations and root cause analysis take place.​

Single source for historical shipment data highlights systemic risks and identifies measures to improve lanes.​


The SECURE platform is compliant with the following set of quality standards:


Guidelines for manufacturers and users of automated systems in the pharmaceutical industry.​

21 CFR part 11

Rules which regulate the management and usage of electronic records in pharmaceuticals and medical devices.


Regulations applicable to life sciences organizations and logistics suppliers that produce drugs, medical devices, and medical software applications.

ISO 9001

A quality management system that helps organizations be more efficient and improve customer satisfaction.

What is SECURE?

A real-time transportation visibility platform designed for you

SECURE’s flexible platform model lets you pick and choose modules based on your specific business needs.