One platform, built for many​

SECURE’s features are valuable for many groups in the pharma supply chain. ​

Across organization departments, there are broader business benefits that the SECURE platform can offer to optimize processes and reduce workflow.

Sophisticated tracking and tracing made simple

For supply chain teams, having a complete overview of all processes end-to-end is essential to ensuring success in their role.

With SECURE, visibility and transparency are at the core of the platform. An easy-to-use dashboard shows a complete overview of shipment data, enabling supply chain teams to analyze every shipment at every step along the journey and act decisively during disruptions.

Make investigations and optimize against disruption 

Maintaining the highest standards at all points in the pharma supply chain has its challenges. SECURE has key features in the platform that quality management teams will find beneficial to complete their objectives.

The SkyShip app, an optional part of SECURE, allows image comparisons of the containers to take place at the start and end of the journey. This highlights any damages and enables investigations to begin.

A historical overview of shipment data allows quality management to ascertain systemic risks so they can select the right packaging for future shipments.

Ensure smoother shipments globally

For logistics teams, finding the right service provider to help move and store medicinal goods is of paramount importance.

SECURE’s insights into service providers’ capabilities enables the right partners to be selected for the right shipment, with quality and risks of the provider emphasized.

Therefore, logistics teams can be assured that they’re working with a dedicated partner that meets their criteria to move and store life-saving medicines.

Easy monitoring of financial transactions

Keeping track of multiple global payments is simple, with historical invoices easy to access and share with respective partners.

In one platform, financial teams can have a complete overview without having to jump between different tools. This provides efficiency and can speed up the payment process.

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