SECURE platform

Introducing SECURE

Accessibility and simplicity are at the core of SECURE’s design. Being able to view and analyze all shipment data in a few clicks is part of its function, with modules and features enabling visibility end-to-end.


A user experience adapted to your needs​

SECURE enables swift navigation through all parts of the platform, so users can accomplish their goals quickly and efficiently.

  • Use a comprehensive dashboard to navigate and implement all SECURE features
  • Sort, display and explore pivotal data through a series of filters
  • Assimilate vital insights through visual displays and graphs

SECURE modules

Close visibility gaps in your supply chain with the following:

Gain real-time visibility

Sensor Data

The Sensor Data module enables the tracking of ambient and internal temperature per container. ​

The collected data allows the swift targeting of temperature fluctuations, alongside end-to-end visibility of container performance, throughout the shipment.​

PDF and CSV exports ensure the sharing of data and deeper analysis.

View real-time data

Track & Trace

The Track & Trace module shows a high-level overview of shipment data, from real-time reporting, approvals and rejections to excursion data. Any deviations or rejections can be actioned in a timely manner.​

Filters and search capabilities on the user-friendly interface enable access to pivotal data and the logging of key milestones.​

reduce workflow

Product Release

The Product Release module displays visual evidence of containers, seals and pallets before and after shipment. ​

The shipment audit trails and customer-specific evidence check configurations help to prevent counterfeit and/or theft through quick implementation of corrective actions and investigation.​

Before shipment, these functions also ensure a faster product release that reduces workflow from days to minutes.​

Assess lane risk

Service Providers

The Service Providers module displays all the services, commodities, facilities and capabilities available at global logistics providers.​

The collected insights, all accessible in one place, enable quicker evaluations of the quality and risks of each provider. Therefore, the most suitable provider can be chosen, with all their certifications, storage areas and more visible.

Monitor payments


The Invoices module displays a historical overview of financial transactions. Monitor current payments and access previous billings to stay on top of pending invoices.​

All accessible in one place, it enables a faster mode of payment and visibility on finances.

simulate shipment risk

Lane Management​

The Lane Management module uses the simulated data on selected lanes, functioning as a point of reference for individual container performance and potential risks in real-life and predicted scenarios. ​

Risk assessments, temperature simulations, and predicted vs as-is data enables peace of mind and security through greater visibility of the supply chain.​

store vital paperwork


The Documents module collects and logs all essential paperwork for a shipment into one place. ​

Keep track of shipment audits, certifications and more to ensure easy inspection, handover and sharing of key documentation.

Analyze shipments


The Statistics module shows real-time data updates and visibility of all historical shipments, highlighting systematic risks and problems in order to identify measures to optimize lanes. ​

The full-year overview of all shipment data for a lane allows a thorough investigation into whether a deviation is due to a process or hardware error, ensuring that preventive measures can be implemented.

Detect damage

SkyShip App

The SkyShip app enables the monitoring of damage or access to containers during shipment.​

The app instructs the user to take pictures of the container(s) and the seal(s) before shipment, guiding them through the process picture by picture. This data is then uploaded to SECURE. ​

This process happens at both ends of the shipment so the user can make a comparison to both sets of images to ascertain any scratches on the container or broken seals. From here, an investigation can be swiftly implemented.​

The SkyShip app is a huge benefit for those that require it and can be included in the SECURE package.​

simulation data and operational data

Understand the past, present and future

The SECURE platform combines both S-data (simulation data) and O-data (operational data). S-data tells you what could happen. O-data is about the past. Combined, you’ll know why it’s happening and be better equipped to manage all critical aspects of a shipment.

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