SECURE platform

More than visibility

Simulate your shipment. Capture your shipment data.​
One application to improve your supply chain.

Predictive. Visible. Intelligent.

SECURE is more than a visibility platform. It streamlines workflows; from risk analysis, to shipment monitoring, to a faster product release

and store all your simulated data from different lanes, containers and temperature profiles in a single system of record for every shipment – across the organization. 

IoT sensors and loggers capture your actual operational lane management data that automatically alert the right people, and trigger actions in the right parts of the organization. 


analytics make sense of your entire dataset, and proactively recommend the actions to optimize the safety, security and sustainability of your shipment lanes.

Fully interoperable

Any transport. Any packaging. Any logger.

The SECURE platform is fully interoperable with different container and packaging solutions and can be used across different modes of transportation. 

All together in one platform

Product release acceleration that reduces workflow from days to minutes.​

Counterfeit and theft detection using image comparison tools end-to-end.​

Visibility and corrective actions ensure quicker investigations and root cause analysis take place.​

Single source for historical shipment data highlights systemic risks and identifies measures to improve lanes.​


Developed since 2012
SkyCell has used and continuously developed its SECURE platform for more than 10 years.

>1B data points collected
SkyCell has captured over 1 billion real-life data points with its IoT sensors to improve data-driven risk assessment.

Hardware & software
Seamless combination between hardware and software.

Open platform solution
SkyCell SECURE brings all shipments, packages, and containers under one platform.


The SECURE platform is compliant with the following set of quality standards:


Guidelines for manufacturers and users of automated systems in the pharmaceutical industry.​

21 CFR part 11

Rules which regulate the management and usage of electronic records in pharmaceuticals and medical devices.


Regulations applicable to life sciences organizations and logistics suppliers that produce drugs, medical devices, and medical software applications.

ISO 9001

A quality management system that helps organizations be more efficient and improve customer satisfaction.

What is SECURE?

A real-time transportation visibility platform designed for you

SECURE’s flexible platform model lets you pick and choose modules based on your specific business needs.